Barrier Plastics, Inc.
Specialty Packaging for Specialty Products


* Baritainers® are manufactured under stringent quality assurance guidelines that include the following elements:

    * A staffed and dedicated QA Dept.

    * There is a 100% online product inspection - 

        + Manual
        + Automatic

    * Destructive and non-destructive tests are performed - 

        + UN Orange Book Compliance ST/SG/AC. 10/1 
        Rev.: Actual Chap. 6.1 and NOM-24-SCT2/ 2002, Chap. 7

    * Specific Tests for Raw Materials are conducted - 
         + ASTM, ISO and DIN

    * Internal Process Control -
        + Fluidity Analysis
        + Compression Testing
        + Measurements Check
    * External QA Testing  - 

           + Baritainers® have been extensively examined via microscopic  analysis utilizing cryo-ultramicrotomy in microtome chambers and iodine stain.
           + The Baritainer® Jerry Can line is UN Certified by an
               external, third party UN Testing Lab.


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