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How does It Work? 
Baritainers are effective due to a combination of Quoral® Barrier Resin (BR) and our proprietary production process. 

By processing under well defined conditions in specially adapted extrusion equipment, Polyamide (PA) is stretched into thin lamellas in a Polyethylene (PE) matrix.

In this way an integrated layered structure is originated, where a multitude of overlapping PA platelets guarantee improved permeation results.

nAdvantages of Quoral® BR Containers:

+ Efficacy of Baritainers® - 
    * Solvents: upto 300x of HDPE;
    * O2: upto 100x of HDPE;
    * Fluorinated: upto 2X more efficient barrier.

+ Economical and safe package for solvent based liquids - 
    * Attractive alternative to glass, metal, fluorinated containers and 
       coex multi-layer bottles.

+ Quoral® Baritainers® are lightweight, impact resistant and pliable.

+ Quoral® Baritainers® are most effective with products containing esters, ketones and esthers.

+ For additional data regarding the how well Quoral® BR Baritainers® prevent weight loss, review our
Performance Page.

+ Quoral® Baritainers® are a very safe and effective container for flavors and fragrances; they provide both aroma and O2 barrier characteristics.

* FDA Compliance Letter.

Additional Technical Information:

Click on the link below for a downloadable pdf containing additional technical information regarding the Barrier Plastics Baritainer®.

Barrier Technical Spec Sheet

Chemical Compatibility:

The Quoral® utilized in Baritainers® have been tested with different chemicals.  Follow the link below to see an abbreviated list of tested chemicals; this list is revised from time to time.  

Chemical Test Data Sheet

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